Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Environmental Monitoring and ReportingArbel Electronics manufacture remote datalogging equipment that can be used for almost an unlimited number of purposes. If there is a sensor available to monitor what you require, we can couple to it! Arbel already have clients who are monitoring the following: Effluent, Wind Speeds, Rain levels, River flow speeds, Bore Holes and too many more to list here.

So what is the advantage of Arbel remote monitoring systems?

When we say remote – we really do mean “remote”. Our systems can be powered by battery, solar power, wind power etc. Our systems are also “wireless” in the sense that no wires are needed in order for our equipment to connect to remote databases for uploading data. We also mean “wireless” in the sense that our sensors can also communicate back to our dataloggers via high powered Zigbee.

Two Way communication: Once our systems are in place, there should be no reason to ever re-visit the site where they are deployed. This is because we can change the operating parameters of the machine from anywhere in the world, using simply an Internet enabled PC. This means that we can calibrate sensors remotely, change sampling periods, close doors – whatever you want! We can also request live data from the machines in the same way.

Warnings: Our systems can be used to issue warnings should the areas being monitored fall outside parameters YOU set in our machines. Therefore, if you were monitoring the flow of a river, should the rate of flow increase to an alarming level, you could be warned via SMS or email from the device itself.