Arbel Electronics can design and manufacture controls for virtually any industrial process. From simple micro-controller based systems to more advanced single board computers, our hardware and software teams can provide a solution to your problem. With nearly 25 years experience in the electronics industry, we are able to draw upon a wealth of experience, especially with working in harsh industrial environments. Our speciality has been the dairy industries of Europe , New Zealand and Australia .With the development of unique GPRS communications skills, we have now taken our expertise into many other areas of operation.
These include monitoring and controlling automatic baking machines.
  • Controlling and logging water flow in pipe work, distribution systems and deep water boreholes.
  • Automatic locking and unlocking doors in factories, portacabins and secure areas.
  • Monitor remote fuel tank contents
  • Control and monitor process control machinery

And this is the unique Arbel Electronics module that controls and monitors the machines:

arbel014001The Terminator GPRS System
Controls, Monitor’s Data Logs, Email And SMS, Warning Global Coverage, Use any data SIM card