Public Services

Public ServicesArbel Electronics have recently completed several projects for County Councils in a number of different areas, some quite bizarre – nevertheless the technology being used is helping the organisations save thousands of pounds through better control of their resources and more understanding of the demand for the public services they operate.

Web controlled remote door locking of public conveniences

Our remote locking system allows authorised persons to remotely lock
or unlock any door fitted with our unique technology. The opening and
closing times can be managed remotely from any Internet enabled PC and control is literally world wide. This offers incredible flexibility and removes the need for manual opening and closing of the doors, which previously would have been a manual operation requiring someone to drive to the premises with a bundle of keys.

Public facility people counting

Statistics – love them or hate them, statistics are pretty useful. Another County Council project led Arbel to creating an accurate, remote counting system to be used in libraries and other Council run public buildings. The data is automatically collated daily, and uploaded to a secure website for viewing. Never before has there been such a simple way to find out how many people are using a service.

Remote updates of LED signage

Arbel M2M technology enables LED signage to be changed remotely. This has enormous benefits allowing you to offer important information to the public quickly and conveniently and without the requirement for travelling to sign locations, or using a limited range wireless network. Our technology offers global coverage.

Other uses of our remote control and monitoring systems include:
Motorway signage – Get warning messages to commuters quickly.
Car park signage – Warning messages about car security or car-park full messages etc.
Information signage – Latest offers etc.